2017 – State of the Art Profanity and New Cover Art

Today I ordered new cover art for Napalm and Rayon. If it works out I will get all the original covers redone.

I am going to be at table S.


See you soon.


Gencon and how it affected my writing schedule.

I am currently on chapter 9 of The The Teleforce Incident. (draft 2). Gencon is coming. This time I will have at least all three of my books.

Since I don’t think I will have  TFI done in time. (this might not be the final draft etc.) I’ve decided to do something I hate to do. Switch books mid write. I learned the hard-way that that doesn’t work. Momentum etc. Still I have decided to swap out and see how many short shorties I have on deck in various stages of done. At 8k a piece I can complete and entire draft in under a week.

using onenote for these

I was going for 5 stories, but it might be as high as 8.

1. The assassination of FB.(adorable abomination) draft 2 is done and this one is the closest to being done done.

2.  Boogieman Knights:(adorable abomination): Outline done, some scenes on paper.

3. Sakura Blossoms and Engine Grease. Motobishu style.(chapt 1 d1)

4. Origin story: Villain university like sky high. 4 chapters draft 1

5. Oni Wars. the first five chapters of draft 2 of the novel will make a standalone short story. (1500’s japan, ninjas vs aliens.Aliens are the monsters form Japanese myth.

6. Mask Fetish: Short sotry about a serial killer that kills supervilians. “You know serial killers superheroes have almost the same back story’ (might be a sparkpulp or tied to villlian u)

7. The dark mage: the first five chapters of this novella.(this book will never see the light of day. pure Mary sue bullshit)

8. free slot.(either something Lucien Nash, or in the sparkpulp universe.

Also, I will be getting new covers for ROE and Rayon and Napalm.









Hello old friends.

The last few months have not been good to me. While my work situation got better I ended up in the hospital with depression and insomnia. With the help of friend close by things are coming along. Suicide and pain runs rampant in my family and it took some willpower to reach out for help.

Since this is my author blog and not not Facebook  you might not give a happy fuck dear reader.

Fair point.

Right now I am working on 1.2 of the Teleforce Incident. I have switched to giving  Google docs a try. I tried it before and I had nothing but problems. That was 7 years ago and it’s come along nicely.

I write on the train, offline with my laptop and sync when I am home or work.

Google has many tools help with the writing. I’ve been taking pictures and uploading of things that inspire. The city of Aurora will be kind of stand in for The Springs. (1920s feel. red brick, kind of beaten up etc.)

Anyway. See you soon.

broken glass photo


The world debut of Counting Coup at Gencon.

GENCON! My gencon booth  it’s AA-N. Please come and buy my book. I need to be able to eat, and I will have the dime novel for sale at $10 even.

I did get a helper so that’s awesome.

for the three of you that read this and not facebook I got a job in chitown on 3rd shift. I currently live in Naperville.



Gencon- Looking for meat puppet.

I am currently looking for someone to help me fill my author booth. Since I have gotten no takers so far I have decided to make the following offer. (please pm me, or ask questions below.) If you know someone who wants to do it, let them and me know. I will hand out my new phone number on PM.


Gencon is August 4-7th. I will be getting there in the 3rd. I have to pick up my exhibitor/artist badge. I don’t need help setting up the booth but if you are there that would be nice.

My booth has to be open from 10am-6pm every day. The exhibit hall opens for exhibitors/authors at 9am and closes at 7pm. That’s two hours of exhibitor’s only.

The booth has to be manned by ME 5 hours a day. That’s three hours I can wander.

I have to stay to the end on Sunday, but we can negotiate based on your travel requirements.

We can work out the schedule once I get a meat puppet to help.


What I am offering.

I will cover your badge. (90.00 exhibitor badge.)

I will cover your housing if you stay in our room.(250.00) if you don’t want to stay there for some reason I will cover the same somewhere else. We are in the Crown Plaza.

You will be on your own for stuff and food but we can negotiate terms if you need more.

What I need from you.

Sell my books at my booth for a few hours. Help me during the day with getting stuff and pee breaks for me. Hand out business cards and flyers if I am able to get them.

Travel. I have contacts in Michigan if you need a ride. I am in Chicago so I might be able to help if you are from this area.

My author email is traviscole@sparkpulp.com


a big change. And a table number.

Due to changes in my personal life and day job issues I have moved to Chitown and am looking for IT work.  I am crashing with old friends for now but I want to stay in there good graces and leave my troll hole.

Gencon: Still going. May try find someone to hitch a ride with rather than be the driver.

GENCON! I got my booth. it’s AA-AN(please for the love of fuck pass along my books.)


PROGRESS is the opposite of congress.

I all chugging along on 1.1 of Teleforce Incident.  Got hard copies of books from createspace. I need to make some changes I think. CC needs a spine change and I want to drop the sparkpulp logo on the back of all them.

Having my own time to write has been productive so that’s a nice shift really.

Looking forward to Gencon.




The brother’s three.

Take a look at this shit. These fucking books exist in meatspace and not just as ebooks. COME GET SOME!


Upcoming writing schedule:

I am going to be working on Draft 1.1 of The Teleforce  incident. (sparkpulp) universe

Editing some finished shorts

Draft 3 of The Tragic Romance of the Ninja and the Kitsune(oni wars series)

that should fill spring.



Counting Coup: released on hard copy.

I have Counting Coup on Createspace.  I will have a kindle version up soon.

This is the copy I am bringing to gencon.