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I am currently reading a Steampunk(I think) Novel called Retribution Falls . This story has a very firefly feel and is about a crew of freebooters trying to make ends meet.  I am working on draft 12 of Genejacked. Cyberpulp superhero in the vein of batman beyond.

I do read and watch a lot of movies so I may start posting Book and Movie Reviews here. Both of those are good practice for general writing and will help me rip apart stories and eat their organs. I am also half-assed working on rules for a Deadlands Larp. I am using Deadlands because I love it, and it will work for my Counting Coup universe books if I decide to do that.   I have books being read by beta readers. (if you want to be one shoot me an email or a message.)

I am still brainstorming a new Title for Oni Wars. Oni Wars is just a placeholder.

This year I found out that Gencon has self published author tables for 240 bucks with the Badge. While that seems high I spend more on snacks than that. I am not getting one this year because I have dick to sell but next year, maybe I’ll have 5 finished novels? (An author can dream.)

Fun Fact: I wrote my fist book in the third grade. It was called my TV’s Life and it was a first person account of the daily life of my tv when I wasn’t home.

Bear Wars was inspired by the following meme.





Mad Scientist at Sparkpulp
Travis Cole was hatched from the egg of a harpy in 1979. He was raised in a diet of misery and sorrow. The first book that he wrote was in the third grade titled A TV’s Life. His grammar and skills have only degenerated over time.Travis hates taking in the third person. He went to school to be an electrical engineer and traveled for work for ten years. He started writingawful books in 2008 and things have not improved. Most of the shit was garbage.Travis barely holds a day job as a Software Support Engineer. Most of his books are just excuses to use profanity is bizarre characters and locations. His hobbies include killing transients, gaming, larping.

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