Middle of the Road

I am waiting for the reviews to comeback on Redemption of Evil,  and the edits on Oni Wars and Counting Coup.  One of them will be done editing next week. If I am done with Genejacked I will see about sending that one out to Beta readers. Genejacked is is at 36k words at the moment.

Winter has lost it’s goddamn mind. Every year winter gets here early, steals the car keys and keeps them too long like some kind of fucking drunken older sibling.  Icicles in my house are bigger than my head and my stupid shitty furnace doesn’t go any higher than 63.  If it does’t go back up I will need to call the landlord.

This morning it was -11. That is some absolute bullshit.

Larp Season One days is starting back up so we should have a lot more fun in the next few weeks.


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Travis Cole was hatched from the egg of a harpy in 1979. He was raised in a diet of misery and sorrow. The first book that he wrote was in the third grade titled A TV’s Life. His grammar and skills have only degenerated over time.Travis hates taking in the third person. He went to school to be an electrical engineer and traveled for work for ten years. He started writingawful books in 2008 and things have not improved. Most of the shit was garbage.Travis barely holds a day job as a Software Support Engineer. Most of his books are just excuses to use profanity is bizarre characters and locations. His hobbies include killing transients, gaming, larping.

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