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When I started reading it was at a young age.  My mother was a horror fan and the only thing available to me were the classics of the horror giants like King, Saul, and Koontz. I had a few ratty old Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys that were buries deep in the basement but for the most part I read my mother’s cast offs. When we started reading in school was young adult garbage that I had long ago passed on.

I cut my teeth on classic horror and found Science fiction later.  Robert Heinlein was stand out at the time. Later I found the joy of Sherlock Homes and the love of Edgar Allen Poe.

I have no intention of reading Harry Potter though I appreciate it at an intellectual level. She tricked either graders who have video games to read six hundred page novels and she pisses off Christians so that tickles me a bit.

I can’t do fantasy unless it’s something special. The same goes for zombies and steampunk, as well as urban fantasy.  I will take a look if someone mentions them or their is something special.

I used to read more. I spent so much time on site and on planes that I would bring extra books on the plane as back up.  I forgot storm of swords on an airplane and had to by another copy in the airport. (Yeah kindle.)

I read less but it’s still good.

I read super hero fiction like Butcher’s Dresden files, and confessions of a d list supervillain. I can not stand Sanderson’s reckoners, and Larry Correia’s Hard Magic is just wizards.

I have tons of horror, mystery and shit in my list for reading.


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Travis Cole was hatched from the egg of a harpy in 1979. He was raised in a diet of misery and sorrow. The first book that he wrote was in the third grade titled A TV’s Life. His grammar and skills have only degenerated over time.Travis hates taking in the third person. He went to school to be an electrical engineer and traveled for work for ten years. He started writingawful books in 2008 and things have not improved. Most of the shit was garbage.Travis barely holds a day job as a Software Support Engineer. Most of his books are just excuses to use profanity is bizarre characters and locations. His hobbies include killing transients, gaming, larping.

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