Deck of cards.

I never know draft I am on. Counting Coup was two different stories in two different universes that I shuffled together like a deck of cards.  Each one had it’s own drafts and revisions.

I am Draft 3 of this same story set through.  Time to unwrite some characters. 🙂  I used to think it was silly that authors got continuity wrong in the book. But after enough drafts it’s impossible to remember what color something was. Character details I have worksheet for.


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Travis Cole was hatched from the egg of a harpy in 1979. He was raised in a diet of misery and sorrow. The first book that he wrote was in the third grade titled A TV’s Life. His grammar and skills have only degenerated over time.Travis hates taking in the third person. He went to school to be an electrical engineer and traveled for work for ten years. He started writingawful books in 2008 and things have not improved. Most of the shit was garbage.Travis barely holds a day job as a Software Support Engineer. Most of his books are just excuses to use profanity is bizarre characters and locations. His hobbies include killing transients, gaming, larping.

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