Holy summer

Sorry about the long delay. I am in the middle of a move, a divorce, Draft 3 of Counting Coup and a rough summer.

In June, i made Redemption of Evil free for one week. 69 copies were downloaded. That’s more than I ever thought possible. If I get to 100 I will post sections of terrible high school poetry.

I watched Mad Max and loved it just like everyone else.

I re-watched thunder-dome  and something I had forgotten caught my eye. Master Blaster is a a smart guy with a strong man. That man has downs. All the way back then George Miller jammed a tasty crumpet of empowerment for disabled folks.  I don’t know that I had had seen that in that kind of positive light. (He helped lock down a whole city.)

Maybe no one should be as surprised about mad max 4 as they are.


food for thought.





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