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Draft 3 of Counting Coup is going very slowly. I am just about at 4 k, and I am cranking maybe a page a day on a good day. I was up to 16. I am hoping that when the stress of everything going on this summer starts to die down I can get back to speed.

I am starting to run a hell on earth campaign and I am looking forward to that. I love to GM but I am scared because the last time this kind of thing happened I turned into a real asshole and I don’t really want that to happen.

Gencon is coming up at the very ass end of the month and I am looking forwards to that. I can just let the rest of the world go and just explore.  This will be the first time I am there on my own. (I have friends I am going with but it’s not quite what I mean.)

I am not sure what I want to do. After I move to GR, I will be closer to work. Work is okay but it’s not the long term plan.  I know I want to work on writing more and I think after Gencon I will need to put the hammer down. I have so many stores I want to write. I learned the hard way over the last 10 years that changing to a different novel won’t change anything. The only way out is through.

I do have a huge of things I am not going to miss at the the farm. Insects, no ac, bad internet, ants, propane, no adult dishwasher, etc.





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