Gencon Confirmed

I have a table at this years Gencon. I will be in the self published author’s ave. This is something I am happy about and I am nervous.

Counting Coup looks like it will be done by then. The cover is being worked on right now and the beta readers are coming back. Most of the of them are good. The ending was not something that I planned so I was kind of worried it felt forced. “Powerful.” was used which makes me happy.

Once the beats are in, i will make changes then send the book into one last round of editing.

I will be bringing hard copies of all books to the con to sell / give away. The goal will be to put books in hands.

I can have up to three helpers so I am looking for people already going to gencon who want to help. If I can afford it I may even just cover badge. I am between day jobs right now so I don’t know what will happen.





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