Hello old friends.

The last few months have not been good to me. While my work situation got better I ended up in the hospital with depression and insomnia. With the help of friend close by things are coming along. Suicide and pain runs rampant in my family and it took some willpower to reach out for help.

Since this is my author blog and not not Facebook  you might not give a happy fuck dear reader.

Fair point.

Right now I am working on 1.2 of the Teleforce Incident. I have switched to giving  Google docs a try. I tried it before and I had nothing but problems. That was 7 years ago and it’s come along nicely.

I write on the train, offline with my laptop and sync when I am home or work.

Google has many tools help with the writing. I’ve been taking pictures and uploading of things that inspire. The city of Aurora will be kind of stand in for The Springs. (1920s feel. red brick, kind of beaten up etc.)

Anyway. See you soon.

broken glass photo



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