Gencon and how it affected my writing schedule.

I am currently on chapter 9 of The The Teleforce Incident. (draft 2). Gencon is coming. This time I will have at least all three of my books.

Since I don’t think I will have  TFI done in time. (this might not be the final draft etc.) I’ve decided to do something I hate to do. Switch books mid write. I learned the hard-way that that doesn’t work. Momentum etc. Still I have decided to swap out and see how many short shorties I have on deck in various stages of done. At 8k a piece I can complete and entire draft in under a week.

using onenote for these

I was going for 5 stories, but it might be as high as 8.

1. The assassination of FB.(adorable abomination) draft 2 is done and this one is the closest to being done done.

2.  Boogieman Knights:(adorable abomination): Outline done, some scenes on paper.

3. Sakura Blossoms and Engine Grease. Motobishu style.(chapt 1 d1)

4. Origin story: Villain university like sky high. 4 chapters draft 1

5. Oni Wars. the first five chapters of draft 2 of the novel will make a standalone short story. (1500’s japan, ninjas vs aliens.Aliens are the monsters form Japanese myth.

6. Mask Fetish: Short sotry about a serial killer that kills supervilians. “You know serial killers superheroes have almost the same back story’ (might be a sparkpulp or tied to villlian u)

7. The dark mage: the first five chapters of this novella.(this book will never see the light of day. pure Mary sue bullshit)

8. free slot.(either something Lucien Nash, or in the sparkpulp universe.

Also, I will be getting new covers for ROE and Rayon and Napalm.










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