Counting Coup: A Sparkpulp dime novel.

So, I got the cover done for CC. It came back amazing.

I sent CC to to editor for a final pass though after making changes suggested by beta readers.

Beta readers that haven’t provided their feedback can still send it in.

see you at Gencon


Gencon Confirmed

I have a table at this years Gencon. I will be in the self published author’s ave. This is something I am happy about and I am nervous.

Counting Coup looks like it will be done by then. The cover is being worked on right now and the beta readers are coming back. Most of the of them are good. The ending was not something that I planned so I was kind of worried it felt forced. “Powerful.” was used which makes me happy.

Once the beats are in, i will make changes then send the book into one last round of editing.

I will be bringing hard copies of all books to the con to sell / give away. The goal will be to put books in hands.

I can have up to three helpers so I am looking for people already going to gencon who want to help. If I can afford it I may even just cover badge. I am between day jobs right now so I don’t know what will happen.





Ex-Confederate Medic Amadeus Crowthorne, is an agent of the Pinkertons. With  the rest of his posse, he needs to make it across lands held by Imperial China since the end of the War of Succession. His partners Lorelei Nash who spent decades with Underground Railroad, and Grace Tsu an enigmatic banished Imperial from the heart of China will help his face the never ending trials of the New West, battling Chinese Soldiers, dangerous bounty hunters and holding off packs of ravenous dinosaurs to find someone important in the hold out of the Mojave Desert.

Counting Coup is a genre bending all out pulp adventure that will make you piss yourself in raw joy at every word. Every moment of this tale is deliciously over the top bookended with serious tone.



Counting Coup is out with beta readers as of yesterday.   Waiting on their feedback is always hard.

I am going to try to get Origin story done next week. Yesterday was taken a short work day, doctor, and getting CC ready for the beta.

I decided to get a customer cover illustrated. I was looking at stock art and cover designers on Fiverr, when i found an artist who’s style fits pretty well. I should get the first sketch friday.





Counting Coup

I am probably using this stock art to have the cover made.

cowboy riding dinosaur

If anyone knows anything better please let me know.



gencon planning phase. before I even know if i am in.

Things to consider for gencon if I get in the self pub author table.
tee shirts for me? tee shirts for them? (they are cheap to give away,)
Raffle. buy any book, go in raffle for fire.
I am going to try to get CC done by then so gencon can be it’s world premier.
I can buy up to 3 more exhibitor badges. So if someone if someone is already going and wants an exhibitor badge then, I can trade it in for little help.

Editing: CCD3

Draft 3 is out to the editor. I was going to wait to do this after I worked on a couple of other things but I need to get it for gencon.

Anyone that wants to be a beta reader please let me know.







gencon staff

If I get a booth at gencon, i may need some staff. i have up to three helpers.

If anyone is already going to gencon, and they wanna help please let me know.


Gencon, tables and the future.

Gencon opens the self pub tables on the 4th. (which is very funny.) I am going to try too get in. 300 a table isn’t bad since includes an exhibitors badge. I may need some folks to help and I will be able to get up to 3 more exhibitor badges.

I am hoping to have Counting Coup ready so I am going to drop the hammer and get it going. I hope for posters of cover art, and business cards with the logo and website on them down the road. Things are looking kind of up right now.





The Assassination of Fuzzy Bear d1

D1 is done. In the can. It will follow the same path. go in the dark and I will come back to it.

Next week I will work on finishing the next book in the sparkpulp series, The Teleforce Incident. It’s at 100 pages, I need to decide if i am re-writing or finishing.

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