Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.

Today I am working on finishing The Assassination of Fuzzy Bear Story 2 in the series about the T.E.D. (trans-dimensional entity destroyers) The stuffed Bears are the last line of defense against cats.  If you want to check it out the first one is here. Napalm and Rayon.  it’s at 2500 words and I will be bringing it to about 8000 hopefully by the end of the week.




Counting Coup, Draft 3 is fucking done.

CC D3 is complete. I will put it in the meat locker to age a month, afterwards I go through it it clean it up and send it beta readers.

anyone who wants be a beta reader should email me.



2016 CC d3

CC draft three is in the almost done phase. at any measure its a success because i have(HAD) a tenancy to change horses. to work on something new while i get my ideas back. the rub is it never helped. I just got stuck in the same mud again. So this time i managed to stick with it and work, even a little. even one page a week on CC. writing is work.







You will find the link to the kindle version of Napalm and Rayon.  This one is much cheaper. 


hardcopy bitches


print version. Ebook version is cheaper but folks asked for it.



Napalm and Rayon pt 1

New short story available in print. will be on kindle in 5 days. I will make kindle cheaper so it will be better in the long run.

I present Napalm and Rayon.

these will all be on the books I have written page.


On writing and covers





First, that’s the cover to my short story Napalm and Rayon. Soon it will be available on createspace as a print book and kindle as a ebook. (maybe others.) This is to be the first of a series called Adorable Abominations.  I will be finishing the next one called The Assassination of Fozzy Bear, after i make it through draft 3 of Coup. Counting coup has crossed the threshold of half way and is now just barely into the almost done slide.  (Ark uses the same names for triceratops I use. Convergent evolution.)

Time for a little writing advice.


Writing is like exorcising a demon.  Often times you have very little control over the characters and the plot. Once one of my characters went off the deep end, killed one of the mains, burned down a church and kidnapped a baby out of spite. that tom fuckery didn’t make it into the final, and that’s a good thing probably. The stories seem to bubble up in side and you have to spray that shit everywhere, and pick up the pieces. You end up thinking about it night and day, and the only way to claw it out you flesh soaked brain meat is it use your own blood and carve that tale into your skin. For me it’s computer skin, but your mileage may vary.

I don’t really outline. I have one, and I use it too keep track of characters and their goals, ideas and scenes but it looks like Microsoft excels shit it’s self and ate all the Mexican food rather than coherent outline. I never know what the fuckity fuck is going to happen until I put fingers to keyboard.  Like diarrhea sometimes you are lucky and make it to the job. other times you shit your pants at a huge convention and have so stuff your jacket in pants so the poop river doesn’t seep put and walk two miles to the car. (Not a true story….honest.)

why am I writing this? No idea, it was crawling inside my head just behind my eyes like some kind of monstrous amazon urine fish.





buttons flame thrower


looks like I found some amazing stock art for Napalm and Rayon. I have the cover being worked on and once that’s done I will finish up the work on create space. I may need to put ROE on create space too so I can print, and have other print copies of the book.



Finally.  I am done with moving, gencon, and other stress inducing nightmares.  Later this month I will release Napalm and Rayon for download. I will also be putting both it and ROE  up on createspace so people with out physical copies can get their taste.

I want to go the self published author booth at gencon next year. I need product. As such I am going to put the pedal to the metal trying to get D3 of counting coup done.


current write list.

CC D3. (44k) So half.

the assassination of FB short. Halfway

Mask Fetish: Short story

Engine grease and Sakura blossoms. (post apocalyptic samurai bikers.) first draft

Villain U short story







slow moving

Draft 3 of Counting Coup is going very slowly. I am just about at 4 k, and I am cranking maybe a page a day on a good day. I was up to 16. I am hoping that when the stress of everything going on this summer starts to die down I can get back to speed.

I am starting to run a hell on earth campaign and I am looking forward to that. I love to GM but I am scared because the last time this kind of thing happened I turned into a real asshole and I don’t really want that to happen.

Gencon is coming up at the very ass end of the month and I am looking forwards to that. I can just let the rest of the world go and just explore.  This will be the first time I am there on my own. (I have friends I am going with but it’s not quite what I mean.)

I am not sure what I want to do. After I move to GR, I will be closer to work. Work is okay but it’s not the long term plan.  I know I want to work on writing more and I think after Gencon I will need to put the hammer down. I have so many stores I want to write. I learned the hard way over the last 10 years that changing to a different novel won’t change anything. The only way out is through.

I do have a huge of things I am not going to miss at the the farm. Insects, no ac, bad internet, ants, propane, no adult dishwasher, etc.